The Company

GBM Limited manufactures high quality glass reinforced plastic composites, (GRP) at their base in Tongland, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway. GBM Limited has a customer base servicing most areas of industry. Through developing and supplying such a diverse range of clients, the company has produced an extensive portfolio of products.

GBM Limited has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in glass fibre component manufacture through the supply of these components.

The skills and experience acquired enable GBM Limited to provide their customers with advice and guidance to optimise their product for cost effective manufacture, minimal environmental impact and production capability.

Quality, service, respect for all people and the environment are the foundation stones of GBM Ltd.

cost effective manufacture, minimal environmental impact and production capability


Galloway Boats & Mouldings Limited started producing glass reinforced plastic components in 1971, initially manufacturing small boats for the fishing and leisure industries.

Demand for glass reinforced plastic increased and new markets developed in the construction industry, including the manufacture of a range of highly ornate products to replace expensive, heavy and difficult to source cast iron and lead guttering and drainage components for property refurbishment. The lighter, cheaper and low maintenance glass fibre proved very popular.

The growing business was acquired by Phil Kirby in 1983 and Phil’s automotive background led to the development of new products, over the next ten years the early dependence on small boat production for the fishing and leisure markets was replaced by an increasing proportion of components for the commercial vehicle industry.

The increasing demand for the manufacture of pick-up truck canopies, fire engine body panels and trim components and truck parts, including the production of complete crew cab assemblies for refuse trucks required a move a larger facility and the company relocated to new premises in Dundrennan in 1985.

The new facility enabled further markets to be explored and the company developed a range of holding tanks for the then embryonic fish farming industry.

In 1992, Galloway Boats & Mouldings Limited was acquired by the current owner, Ian Carson.  Ian’s background is manufacturing, principally in the food industry. His understanding of the importance of process control, production management and customer focus lead to the introduction of production and quality systems. The resulting enhanced customer satisfaction brought additional increases in demand for products and further expansion was required.

In 1994, Galloway Boats & Mouldings Limited moved to their current location at Tongland, occupying a 20,000sq.ft factory on a 2 acre site. The facility was originally used to manufacture aero engines during the First World War and immediately after the war, utilised to manufacture cars, the Galloway, an Arrol Johnston vehicle was produced there from 1921 to 1923.

The larger premises have enabled Galloway Boats & Mouldings Limited to invest in technology, develop alternative production methods and provide additional facilities to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

Demand for fibreglass increased and new markets developed in the construction industry

Our Mission

GBM Limited mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and enhance customer satisfaction by consistently delivering quality products, at economic prices, on time, while minimising the environmental impact of our processes.
provide our customers with the highest level of service and enhance customer satisfaction

Our Values

GBM Limited treats all people as we expect to be treated, with respect at all times.

We conduct our business with complete integrity and honesty.

We minimise, wherever possible, the environmental impact of our business.

We conduct our business with complete integrity and honesty.

Our facilities

GBM Ltd occupy a 20,000 sq.ft factory on a 2 acre site at Tongland, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, the site offering plenty of opportunity for future expansion.

In addition to the traditional Hand Laminating and Spray Deposition Departments the company has invested heavily in the latest technology; within the RTM Department, two brand new dedicated RTM units, each fitted out with the most up to date, state of the art, equipment, have been created.

It is through the ongoing investment in technology that maintains GBM Ltd at the forefront of the GRP industry.

Ongoing investment in technology maintains GBM Ltd at the forefront of the GRP industry
Model making

GBM Ltd utilises CNC machined models for over 95% of new business, the dimensional accuracy and quality of these models ensures the final products are exactly to customer requirements.

Models are finished in-house to guarantee the surface finish of the mould tools produced from them meet the exacting standards of GBM Ltd. The attention to detail employed, by GBM Ltd, at this stage of product development is crucial to the quality of the finished components.

Mould tool manufacture

GBM Ltd recognises the importance of the quality of mould tool construction in the production of high quality components. GBM Ltd has a dedicated team of skilled operatives for the manufacture of mould tools to ensure quality in this area is always maintained.


GBM Ltd specialise in producing quality products in polyester resin by Resin Transfer Moulding, (RTM), Vacuum Assisted RTM, (RTM Light), Spray Deposition and Hand layup moulding techniques.

RTM Light is the preferred production method at GBM Ltd and significant investment has been made in providing this process.
The two dedicated RTM facilities created at the Tongland site and have been fitted out with the latest equipment.
The environmental advantages and consistent quality of the final product obtained by using this process ensure GBM Ltd provide customers with high quality products, cost effectively while minimising the environmental impact in doing so.


GBM Ltd applies the same rigorous standards to component finishing and can provide components fully assembled, complete with hinges, locks and electrical fittings, as required, giving customers savings on in-house assembly time, a reduced supplier base and reduced stock holding through opportunities for direct shipment.


GBM Ltd has a well equipped paint shop with stoving facilities and can supply most types of paint finishes.


GBM Limited can re-finish grp components with a gel coat system that is as durable as the original, offering clients the opportunity to recover damaged and mismatched products.


GBM Ltd operate a Quality Management System designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008, quality is the cornerstone of the company and covers all activities and every aspect of component manufacture.


GBM Ltd is very conscious of their impact any manufacturing organisation has on the environment, through the processes they employ.
Minimising environmental impact has been an ongoing process in the organisation and significant reductions have already been made.
The company no longer uses acetone; a solvent widely used within the GRP industry.
GBM Ltd constantly reviews wastage and energy consumption to further minimise the operational impact and has recently introduced an Environmental Management System designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.

In the GRP industry, GBM Ltd is at the forefront of environmental impact reduction and recognises the ongoing importance of minimising this impact for future generations.